Vechain is a next-generation blockchain platform for decentralized applications that's going to change our world through many services and sectors.
Of the more than 1000+ available blockchains and tokens in the cryptosphere, Vechain has the most professional partnerships aimed at solving real-world business problems.

Vechain tokens, known as VET or VEN, are cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum network that reward holders who hold them in nodes to secure the network. Vechain has announced a dual-token system, and in 2018 additional rewards will be distributed to token holders in the form of Thor Power. These additional tokens ensure that the network remains viable for real businesses to use in Vechain's proposed ecosystem of B2B decentralized applications.


Vechain has a dream team of experts behind it.
CEO Sunny Lu previously worked as CIO and CIT of LouisVuitton China. Vechain's director in Europe, Jérôme Grillères has 12 years experience at Goldman Sachs and Barclays.

The Vechain Foundation is a Singapore-based company with offices in China and Europe.


Blockchain technology has been around for 8 years and shows a lot of promise. Up until this point it has mainly been used to create alternative currencies, speculative assets and alternative means of funding for startups. VeChain introduces corporate expertise and professionalism never before seen in a blockchain company through mature partnerships with high-profile businesses and government entities.


VeChain's Blockchain solutions are being implemented across many industries. Primarily, it is an enterprise software designed to create, manage, maintain, and update supply chain data. The implications are enormous and the use cases are prolific. Notably, it will be used to fight the counterfeit luxury goods industry through blockchain-verified authenticity labels. Vechain's real claim to fame will come from powering China's ambitious GuiAn smart city project.